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The Hungry Honeyeater

Written and Illustrated by Shane Meyer



He set course for a Bottlebrush flower with haste, Looking forward to that sweet nectar taste”



Harry is hungry! He has been on a search for food from native flowers for days and has travelled far. Suddenly, there is a glimmer of hope as he spots a house with some flowers all around. Desperate, and faced with rivals, will Harry overcome adversity before it’s too late?


The Hungry Honeyeater is a children’s storybook aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8, but can be enjoyed by all ages! It aims to not only entertain the reader, but also educate the reader on the importance of providing native plants for food and shelter for some of the smaller birds that are often forgotten.


Shane Meyer

Shane was born in Adelaide and grew up in country South Australia where his parents owned a hobby farm. He had an interest in art at a young age, often drawing sketches of the pet animals. With his Dad, they revegetated large areas of the family’s property and enjoyed seeing new bird species visit over the following years.

As a teen, he became more passionate about the environment and went on to study environmental science at university. A keen birdwatcher and photographer, he would often go for drives and walk through scrub, camera in hand, patiently waiting to capture photos of native birds. Wanting to make a positive difference to the environment, he decided to combine his creativity with his interests and knowledge, and make educational children’s books with an environmental focus.


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